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Vol 11 (2011)

Truth Claims in Fiction Film

Table of Contents


Truth Claims in Fiction Film PDF


André Bazin: Film as Social Documentary PDF
Marco Grosoli 1–16
'Da fatti realmente accaduti': Performing History in Contemporary Italian Cinema PDF
Dom Holdaway 17–36
Remapping the World in Film: Fiction and Truth in Nazi Cinema PDF
Carola Daffner 37–48
Between History and Melodrama: Authenticity in TeamWorx's 'Event Movies' on the National Socialist Past PDF
Andrew Wormald 49–65
Furtwänglers Taschentuch: Der Gebrauch dokumentarischer Materialien in Filmen über die Zeit des Nationalsozialismus PDF
Karina von Lindeiner-Stráský 66–83
The Truth about Lies: The Relationship between Fiction and Reality in Abbas Kiarostami’s 'Certified Copy' PDF
Maryse Bray, Agnès Calatayud 84–99
As if Alive before Us: The Pleasures of Verisimilitude in Biographical Fiction Films PDF
Anneli Lehtisalo 100–17
'Hunger auf Leben': Darstellungen der DDR im Film zwischen Fakt, Fiktion und Mythos PDF
Nadine Nowroth 118–37

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