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Vol 12 (2012)

Hamlet and Poetry

Table of Contents


Hamlet and Poetry PDF


Spectres, Politics and Poetics: Hamlet in the Poetry of Eugenio Montejo PDF
Nicholas Roberts 1–18
The Introspective Sponger: Hamlet in the Poetry of Bertolt Brecht PDF
Maria Elisa Montironi 19–34
A Polish Hamlet: Zbigniew Herbert’s "Elegy of Fortinbras" PDF
Katarzyna Burzyńska 35–51
How Not To Be: D. H. Lawrence's "The Ship of Death" PDF
Elise Brault-Dreux 52–63
Purity and Perversion: Renée Vivien’s Ophelia Poetry PDF
Arianna Marmo 64–72
Through Hamlet, with Hamlet, against Hamlet: Giovanni Testori's Translation of the Ultimate Character PDF
Anna Fochi 73–90
Hamlet, Petőfi and the Poet’s Mandate: Poems by János Arany, Éva Finta and Gábor Tompa PDF
Márta Minier 91–106

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Published by: Cardiff School of Modern Languages