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Vol 9 (2008)

Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade?

Table of Contents


Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade? PDF


The Portrayal of the Late 1950s in GDR Literature, Published Before and After the Fall of the Wall in 1989 PDF
Gabriele Eckart
Democratic Humanism in German Painting, 1945-1949: Cultural Division and Public Reception PDF
Francis Graham-Dixon
Martha Graham's Modern Dance and its Impact on France during the Fifties PDF
Camelia Lenart
Science Bourgeoise et Science Prolétarienne: French Literary Responses to the Lysenko Affair PDF
Louise Lyle
'Finally a Human Being in this Palace': How 'Sissi' Deals with the Past PDF
Sabine Müller
Shakespeare Translation in France and Germany in the 1950s: a Comparison PDF
Matthias Zach

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