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Vol 7 (2004)

Writing Difference

Table of Contents


Writing Difference PDF


Writing Cultural and Gender Difference: Sylviane Telchid's 'Throvia de la Dominique' PDF
Odile Ferly
An Appeal for Sisterhood: A Comparison of Toni Morrison's 'Sula' and Montserrat Roig's 'L'hora violeta' PDF
Maria Àngels Francés
Writing Differences: Bodies and Modes of Relationality in Works by Anne Duden PDF
Teresa Ludden
Stefan Heym's 'Hostages' (1942): Writing and Adapting a Bestseller PDF
Ian Wallace
Poetry and the Sensitive World: A Comparative Perspective on the Poetic Course of Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake andSohrab Sepehry PDF
Negin Tahvildary

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