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Vol 5 (2000)

Travelling the Urban Space

Table of Contents


Travelling the Urban Space PDF


Different Visions of Space: Italian Fascist Writers and the United States PDF
Charles Burdett
Adorati Toponimi: Tracking Ideological Space in Pier Paolo Pasolini PDF
Fabio Vighi
Mobility in the Metropolis: Responses to the Changing City in Gabriele Tergit's 'Käsebier erobert den Kurfürstendamm' and J. B. Priestley's 'Angel Pavement' PDF
Fiona Littlejohn
Journeys around Maupassant: Destination and Designation in French Naturalist Fiction PDF
Nicholas White
'Swollen with lightning revolt, bursting anger [...] they dance wild dances': Theatre as Transgressive Space in Quebec Women's Writing in the 1970s PDF
Catherine Scott

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