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Issue Title
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film 'Da fatti realmente accaduti': Performing History in Contemporary Italian Cinema Abstract   PDF
Dom Holdaway
Vol 9 (2008): Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade? 'Finally a Human Being in this Palace': How 'Sissi' Deals with the Past Abstract   PDF
Sabine Müller
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film 'Hunger auf Leben': Darstellungen der DDR im Film zwischen Fakt, Fiktion und Mythos Abstract   PDF
Nadine Nowroth
Vol 5 (2000): Travelling the Urban Space 'Swollen with lightning revolt, bursting anger [...] they dance wild dances': Theatre as Transgressive Space in Quebec Women's Writing in the 1970s Abstract   PDF
Catherine Scott
Vol 4 (1998): Exile 'The Road to Berlin': Displacement and Cultural Exile in the New Italian Fiction of the Nineties Details   PDF
Claudia Bernardi
Vol 12 (2012): Hamlet and Poetry A Polish Hamlet: Zbigniew Herbert’s "Elegy of Fortinbras" Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Burzyńska
Vol 5 (2000): Travelling the Urban Space Adorati Toponimi: Tracking Ideological Space in Pier Paolo Pasolini Abstract   PDF
Fabio Vighi
Vol 13 (2013) Al di là e al di qua della Storia: L’«Antigone» di Vittorio Alfieri e l’«Antígona furiosa» di Griselda Gambaro Abstract   PDF
Adele Sanna
Vol 8 (2007): Alternative Voices in European Cinema Alternative Voices in European Cinema Details   PDF
Margaret Topping, Guyda Armstrong
Vol 7 (2004): Writing Difference An Appeal for Sisterhood: A Comparison of Toni Morrison's 'Sula' and Montserrat Roig's 'L'hora violeta' Abstract   PDF
Maria Àngels Francés
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film André Bazin: Film as Social Documentary Abstract   PDF
Marco Grosoli
Vol 14 (2014) Applying Juliane House’s Translation Quality Assessment Model (1997) on a Humorous Text: A Case Study of «The Simpsons» Abstract   PDF
Daniel Vallès
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film As if Alive before Us: The Pleasures of Verisimilitude in Biographical Fiction Films Abstract   PDF
Anneli Lehtisalo
Vol 15 (2015): Comics and Translation «El contrato social: El manga» o Rousseau en el espejo del canon Abstract   PDF
Nayelli Castro
Vol 13 (2013) «The Way» (2010) and the Camino de Santiago: Christian, Spanish and Galician Identity Abstract   PDF
Christopher Herman George
Vol 16 (2016) Baudelaire and the Alibi of Productive Expenditure Abstract   PDF
Niamh Sweeney
Vol 10 (2009): Self and Other "Becoming a Different Me": Simone de Beauvoir on Freedom and Transatlantic Sexual Stereotypes Abstract   PDF
Sofia Ahlberg
Vol 1 (1995) Beginnings and Endings in Novels Details   PDF
Guiliana Adamo
Vol 14 (2014) Berkane ou le déracinement dans l’hybridité identitaire Abstract   PDF
Mireille Rebeiz
Vol 16 (2016) Between Censorship and Innovation: The Translation of American Comics during Italian Fascism Abstract   PDF
Caterina Sinibaldi
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film Between History and Melodrama: Authenticity in TeamWorx's 'Event Movies' on the National Socialist Past Abstract   PDF
Andrew Wormald
Vol 8 (2007): Alternative Voices in European Cinema Cinema and the Mediation of Everyday Life in 1940s and 1950s Spain Abstract   PDF
Jo Labanyi
Vol 1 (1995) City, Garden, Wilderness: Insiders and Outsiders in Dante's 'Commedia' Details   PDF
Claire Honess
Vol 15 (2015): Comics and Translation Comics and Translation: Introduction Details   PDF
Tilmann Altenberg, Ruth J. Owen
Vol 13 (2013) Daniele Petruccioli: A Visible "Performer" of Texts in Translation Abstract   PDF
Estelle Helene Borrey
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