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Vol 13 (2013) La poesía cibernética latinoamericana (todavía) in print: un recorrido desde los años 50 y 60 hasta finales de la primera década del 2000 Abstract   PDF
Luis Correa-Díaz
Vol 8 (2007): Alternative Voices in European Cinema Marginalized Subjects, Mainstream Objectives: Insights on Outsiders in Recent German Film Abstract   PDF
Nick Hodgin
Vol 9 (2008): Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade? Martha Graham's Modern Dance and its Impact on France during the Fifties Abstract   PDF
Camelia Lenart
Vol 10 (2009): Self and Other Masculinity on the Road in the Films of Cédric Kahn Abstract   PDF
Lucy Mazdon
Vol 13 (2013) Men Who Talk about Love in Late Medieval Spain: Hugo de Urriés and Egalitarian Married Life Abstract   PDF
Carlos Conde Solares
Vol 5 (2000): Travelling the Urban Space Mobility in the Metropolis: Responses to the Changing City in Gabriele Tergit's 'Käsebier erobert den Kurfürstendamm' and J. B. Priestley's 'Angel Pavement' Abstract   PDF
Fiona Littlejohn
Vol 6 (2000): Identity, Gender, Politics Monstrous Mothers and the Cult of the Virgin in Rosario Castellanos' 'Oficio de tinieblas' Abstract   PDF
Lisa Davies
Vol 4 (1998): Exile Myths of Exile and the Albigensian Crusade Details   PDF
Catherine Léglu
Vol 8 (2007): Alternative Voices in European Cinema Nathalie...: An Alternative Enunciative Position in Popular French Cinema Abstract   PDF
Sophie Belot
Vol 2 (1996): Figures of the Self Nietzsche and the Figure of Copernicus: 'Grande Fantaisie' on Polish Airs Details   PDF
Duncan Large
Vol 10 (2009): Self and Other Pinturas de Casta: Mexican Caste Paintings, a Foucauldian Reading Abstract   PDF
Nasheli Jiménez del Val
Vol 7 (2004): Writing Difference Poetry and the Sensitive World: A Comparative Perspective on the Poetic Course of Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake andSohrab Sepehry Abstract   PDF
Negin Tahvildary
Vol 1 (1995) Political Oratory and the Public Sphere in early Quattrocento Florence Details   PDF
Stephen Milner
Vol 12 (2012): Hamlet and Poetry Purity and Perversion: Renée Vivien’s Ophelia Poetry Abstract   PDF
Arianna Marmo
Vol 4 (1998): Exile Regretted Absences and Insecure Spaces: Voluntary or Enforced Exile in German-Language Writing by Women Details   PDF
Sarah Colvin
Vol 15 (2015): Comics and Translation Re-Illustrating Multimodal Texts as Translation: Hebrew Comic Books «Uri Cadduri» and «Mr. Fibber, the Storyteller» Abstract   PDF
Rachel Weissbrod, Ayelet Kohn
Vol 11 (2011): Truth Claims in Fiction Film Remapping the World in Film: Fiction and Truth in Nazi Cinema Abstract   PDF
Carola Daffner
Vol 13 (2013) Revising Manners: Giovanni Della Casa’s «Galateo» and Antoine de Courtin’s «Nouveau traité de la civilité» Abstract   PDF
Maryann Tebben
Vol 9 (2008): Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade? Science Bourgeoise et Science Prolétarienne: French Literary Responses to the Lysenko Affair Abstract   PDF
Louise Lyle
Vol 10 (2009): Self and Other Self and Other Details   PDF
Tilmann Altenberg, Rachael Langford
Vol 13 (2013) Self-Consciousness and Schizophrenia: The Literary World of Nuria Amat Abstract   PDF
Lloyd Hughes Davies
Vol 9 (2008): Europe in the 1950s: The 'Lost' Decade? Shakespeare Translation in France and Germany in the 1950s: a Comparison Abstract   PDF
Matthias Zach
Vol 12 (2012): Hamlet and Poetry Spectres, Politics and Poetics: Hamlet in the Poetry of Eugenio Montejo Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Roberts
Vol 7 (2004): Writing Difference Stefan Heym's 'Hostages' (1942): Writing and Adapting a Bestseller Abstract   PDF
Ian Wallace
Vol 2 (1996): Figures of the Self Telling the Truth in Simone de Beauvoir's Autobiography Details   PDF
Ursula Tidd
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